What’s My Purpose?

Personal blogs are meant for self-indulgence- whether it’s promoting your fantasy baseball league, your emotional growth or your ten important ways to find happiness.  I find that as much as I love writing about the news, travel, pets, etc, I also love writing about the random things that make up my days. This is not meant to be the most serious of blogs, with Bible Versus, inspirational quotes and philosophies on every post. It’s about what strikes me at any particular moment. I’m sure in a year or two it’ll be fun to look at what I’ve written. I understand a blog with a non-specified subject isn’t going to be the most interesting or the most trafficked but that’s okay. You have to enjoy your life, and document the things you find important. Perhaps they won’t always be important, and perhaps they’ll be forgettable. If we don’t write things down, if we don’t take the time to document them then we’ll never know what we’ll appreciate later. Perhaps my purpose is more self-indulgent than most; perhaps my purpose is irrelevant. I just want to write about what’s fun, interesting, innovative and meaningful. Hopefuly it strikes more people’s interest than mine, and don’t be shy to share what strikes your interest too.

As I’ve been posting on this blog, I’ve noticed that I like writing about my realizations that I am getting older. It’s not major, life changing occurrences (i.e. marriage, babies and wrinkles)- it’s noticing what I can’t eat anymore, and realizing my innermost thought processes, and getting over being unnecessarily picky about the most trivial of things, such as pop music. I’m not a big picture-taker, but I am very much a writer, so while I don’t have as many pictures to document the goings-on in my life, I should at least have many blog posts and articles written. I mean, it only makes sense, right?


One response to “What’s My Purpose?

  1. I couldn’t agree more! I love writing. From journaling into the depths of my soul to developing a technical manual; writing is how I leave behind the stress of the day and find a calm somewhere between uncertainty and purpose.

    I apreciate your reflection on purpose as it seems that all of us seek it at some point in our lives either through work, our families, or our daily activity. Having purpose fulfills us, gives balance and guides us. The perputual seekers of purpose are more often left with distress and confusion.

    I have spent most of my years recording my life’s events, thoughts and dreams. It is through these reflections, stories and connections that I have come to know who I am, what I desire and how it all came to be. I’m not sure where I stand on my pursuit of purpose, but I do know that as long as I can put pen to paper, I am well on my way.

    Thank you for your thought provoking blog. I can never get enough of some deep reflection.

    On another note, I am currently in the process of breaking into the freelance world. Any suggestions or words of advice is always welcome.

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