Happy New Year


Every new beginning deserves some recognition of some sort, and even though we all recognize January and the potential of a new year, that doesn’t meant it’s not worth noting. We all have to start somewhere and make a conscious effort to begin anew. And whether you like it or not, new times are always coming. 2012 went by too quickly, and I didn’t accomplish much. I wrote, edited and got my name on a back cover, yes, but I didn’t necessarily venture out into anything new.  I got preoccupied with the mundane, the necessary and not the fun. But it’s a new time.

Rather than simply list resolutions or explaining why I’m against them or any similar argument seems moot at this point. I just want to try things and get away from my norm. That’s not to say I’m going to head off to Fiji and completely disconnect. I just want something in my life to be new. I’m months away from thirty, and now’s a good time as any to start fresh. I’d like some change in scenery, more varied company, and more time around people who give a damn.

Let it be known that I’m not interested in attaining the approval of those that can’t be bothered. What people forget is that noone is as naive or ignorant or unknowing as you assume and unless you want to end up alone forever, get your head of out where it doesn’t belong.  We all move beyond pettiness. We all grow up sometime. Eventually. Perhaps the problem is is that everything not decidedly concrete is subjective, and we spend so much time speculating and gossiping that we ignore progress and growth. Perhaps we’d rather assume everyone stays the same and make ourselves feel better by promoting our betterness and dismissing others’. Perhaps we all need to relax and give others’ the benefit of the doubt. This world would be a world of better if it gave more of a chance.

So here’s to growing up, not caring what others think, knowing who your true friends are and realizing you have so much going for you. Who wouldn’t be up for that?


Getting on Another Bandwagon

ImageWell being that the Harry Potter movies have long since passed and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey doesn’t come out until December, I’ve got to keep myself busy somehow. So in the past week I’ve bought and sped through the first two Hunger Games books and am about to start the third. Thank Amazon.com and my Kindle touch for making the books so damn cheap, and thank my mom for buying me my Kindle for Christmas. 2012- the year of The Hobbit, the Hunger Games and new albums from Garbage and Fiona Apple. This year, I get to be a teen all over again….

In lieu of New Year’s Resolutions

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons user Wikicommonsuser

Everyone, the new year has already started. It’s January 16 already. But I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions. Rather than feel defeated about stuff I wasn’t going to attack full force anyway, I do what I’m great at instead: writing a list of stuff I mean to do, and hopefully get around to doing. Here it goes:

  • Go to more concerts
  • Try out more music
  • Write more
  • Take more pictures
  • Read more books

(*all of these can fall under the line of “becoming more cultured”, but anyway)

  • Getting a bit more physically active (because using the phrase “working out” is too daunting)
  • See friends I haven’t seen in forever, and see friends more
  • Travel somewhere, anywhere
  • Leave the house more often
  • Use Twitter more (this one I’ve already started. I might become addicted. That is, I could try keeping up with it)
  • Try new foods