New post, circa May 2013

So most days lately I haven’t felt much like writing. I just turned 30, had some major upheavals, and getting into the swing of new things. Right now, all I want to do is clean out my apartment, hang out with my pets and see some people I haven’t seen in the longest time. Everything has been about change lately, and it has absolutely affected my writing. There’s a loud radio silence where that part of my brain works right now. It’s like my mind is working, but my creativity is not. It’s an all-important time right now, and I’m totally immersed in it.You being to realize what’s important, what’s changing, who around you is growing up right along with you and who is stubbornly not going anywhere. You can’t peak and stay there, you can’t stay forever in your stride and you can’t grow up without leaving something behind.

Of course, being cryptic is so easy in writing, but it allows everything to ultimately have a deeper meaning than what it’s original intentions were. I always wonder if anything I write will ever be too dated to mean anything substantial, but then it occurred to me: everything will always be open up to everyone’s interpretation, and there’s nothing you can do about it. When you want to write, write, and when you can’t, don’t (unless you have to- like for pay, or something). Do what you need to do for you, because every single time in your life is important, whether you know it or not. And be careful- not everything you have today will be with you tomorrow.


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