Things I Can Look Forward To In 2013

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

A typical post- if for no other reason that giving myself something to write. If there’s anything I should do with this blog, it’s post more often. I don’t think I posted ten times last year.

Turning 30– of course. The big one. I’ve yet to decide what I want to actually do. I’ve got a little bit of time, at least.
The return of Community– Finally!! February 7= October 19. If you get that reference, you are pretty awesome.
Vamping up my apartment– It’s time for a change in where I live. I don’t plan on changing where I live, just what it looks like. I’ve been looking at the same decorations for way too long.
Time with friends– I have some friends getting ready for some major awesome things this year. I’m glad to be a part of them. There’s nothing greater than seeing people you care about be super happy.
More music, movies and good television– Just like every year. That’ll never change.

After that it’s a bit up in the air. I’m not planning out much, but looking forward to a lot. If there’s one thing I’m happy about, it’s that there is no Presidential election this year. Two years of one is enough. Anyone up for anything big? I’d love to see some comments.


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