Giving up on hating flash-in-the-pans

When I was a teenager, I remember hating The Macarena. Everything about it seemed trite, silly and not worth remembering. Another dance craze, really? I knew it’d go the way of Achy Breaky Heart before it and go as fast as it came. I was never into that sort of thing- liking silly little pop songs that had no problem staying entrenched in your memory for days on end. If everyone else liked them, I always had to come up with a reason not to. I always prided myself in liking a whole variety of music, being more musically open than others, and looking back, I really wasn’t musically open at all. I mean, I was open, but  I just wasn’t exposed to much as I am now.

My music snobbery certainly wasn’t what I thought it was. Where I thought that listening to Tori Amos was as estrogen-fueled as there was to go, it was years before I encountered Liz Phair, PJ Harvey, Patti Smith or Kate Bush. I used to spend hours listening to Fleetwood Mac’s The Dance when I should have been listening to Rumors on repeat. Listening to a different radio station doesn’t actually make you a music snob- it doesn’t make you anything, actually. We all ultimately have different musical tastes in one way or another. Some are just more obvious.

I almost missed the boat on this one- PSY’s Gangnam Style– a new K-POP classic (stop me if you’ve given K-POP a chance years ago; I know too little of the genre). I honestly only heard this song for the first time yesterday and have since found out it’s been a phenomenon for at least a couple of weeks ago (I’ve long since given up my right to say I’m up on what’s popular). I can’t get it out my head, and that’s okay. It’s nothing but cheesy pop confection, and considering that I don’t spend hours listening to (and/or avoiding) Top 40 radio like I used to, it doesn’t bother me as much as it would have more than a decade ago. I’ve learned that it’s more fun to laugh at the ridiculousness of things than it is to easily dismiss them. It really is no fun to be so negative all the time- especially over pop music.

I’ve come to realize that this blog’s purpose is really my chronicling my getting older. Every so often, I see a sign of it. While it isn’t gray hairs or wrinkles or mortgage payments, it is learning more and more about myself and noticing new ways to look at things. Music has always been a major part of my life, as it is for so many people. Of course a realization of my adulthood would be something music-related, right? It is better to enjoy things. Everything goes a lot quicker than you think, so there’s almost no reason to really hate anything. Enjoy what you’ve got and what you have, because there is always going to be someone who thinks they’re too good to listen to that cheesy little pop song you’re getting a kick out of. Bully for them. Pop music is meant to be fun. Have it once in a while. I am.


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