Getting on Another Bandwagon

ImageWell being that the Harry Potter movies have long since passed and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey doesn’t come out until December, I’ve got to keep myself busy somehow. So in the past week I’ve bought and sped through the first two Hunger Games books and am about to start the third. Thank and my Kindle touch for making the books so damn cheap, and thank my mom for buying me my Kindle for Christmas. 2012- the year of The Hobbit, the Hunger Games and new albums from Garbage and Fiona Apple. This year, I get to be a teen all over again….


2 responses to “Getting on Another Bandwagon

  1. Can’t wait! So excited! I read somewhere that The Hunger Games is the top selling Kindle book of all time. I’m just relieved the movie appears to be good (based on reviews).

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