This Circus Never Ends

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

As November nears, all I can think is: who are these people? I know politicians at their core will say just about anything (within reason usually) to get elected, but damn. I thought I heard it all until I heard Rick Santorum complain about the “snobbery” of higher education. I’ve gotten to the point where I tune out everything these days, and I used to be very intent on watching every debate. Even though I am not a Republican and would not be likely to vote for them anyway, because they’re running for our nation’s highest office, I wanted to hear what they had to say. Without getting heavily into it, I could never vote for people who show such a lack of concern for others. Sure, there can’t be a lot of people in Washington who genuinely have the nation’s best interests at heart, but they don’t have to be so obvious about it. It’s unsettling. When I was younger, I thought I’d be one of the few who would dismiss Republicans simply for being Republican. I would have never thought this country would be so politically divided. People should not be pitted against each other, especially during such an unstable economic climate. While things are better than they were, that doesn’t mean we should resort to his versus her  or us versus them politics. It takes away from the validity of the other arguments. It undermines the seriousness of the electoral process. The United States isn’t merely made up of two different kinds of people, nor is it made up of a couple different factions. We’re not facing this country’s problems head on if all we’re looking to do is knock out the other guy. Get with it, people! In other countries, people are happy just to have something to eat. Many don’t have the luxury of voting. Many don’t have the luxury of getting to make an informed decision.  Instead of just hating on each other and focusing on our differences, we should be working to better this country. I know it’s cliche, but it’s true. Just saying.


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