Merry Christmas!!!

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Kwanza!! Happy having days off of work!! Whatever it is you celebrate, I hope you have a great one. Right now, I’m sitting home with achy legs after spending the day finishing up my Christmas shopping. I’m beat, tired and everything else. I’m battling feeling a bit sick with feeling very, very tired. I’ll be happy when the gift giving is over, and I’m sitting back, relaxing and talking. I look forward to doing nothing more than waiting for the New Year and getting back to the non-holiday swing of things. I haven’t been to particularly into the holiday this year; it seemed to creep up on me too fast. I managed to buy Christmas presents, and now I just have to set them up for delivery. I’ve gotten a little sick of the fake wars on Christmas and the spelling of Christmas. Many of us have seemed to lose focus on the purpose of it, instead choosing to fixate on who other people refer to it. Really. Thankfully, you just have to look the other way and the nonsense goes away. And then we can all get back to time with loved ones. Merry Christmas!!!


2011 in some sort of nutshell

ImageBecause the year is technically not done, it feels wrong to sum it up. While the middle of December is usually a great time to publish such a piece of writing, the fact that many publications have already summed up the year’s events before today’s announcement of the death of North Korea’s Kim Jung Il shows you that you sometimes shouldn’t jump the gun. So yes, besides that, the year is pretty much done. And while I could wax poetic about it being rather a humdrum year personally (my highlights include more baseball games and moving- talk about memorable. Right?), looking at world events- um. Holy Crap.


  • Mass uprisings leading to the toppling (and sometimes execution of ) totalitarian dictators. Hello, world: we’re tired of being suppressed by our countries’ regimes. We’re aware, proud and want better. Get used to it.
  • Bin Laden is finally dead. Or is he? Where’s the photo? Why the sudden burial? This all happened on a night where I decided to take a break from watching the news. I am an idiot.
  • 2012 Republican Nominees start things waaaayyyy early. And when I mean way early, I mean we’re all tired of the debates already. At least they’re (unintentionally) funny. 
  • It all ends, Wizard style. Seeing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two means that I can go back to enjoying Hobbits, Wizards and Elves again. Peter Jackson, see you in 2012.
  • Obama will never catch a break. For reals. Every time I turn around, it’s how he’s to blame for everything. While I admit I’m not a fan of everything his administration has done, when you’re given a disastrous mess that took eight years to create, you haven’t the slightest chance to fix it in less than half the time. 
  • Steve Jobs dies. You know you’ve created madness when people liken themselves to fa brand. Seriously, though- say what you want about him and the empire he created, he seriously stepped up the game. 
  • Elizabeth Taylor dies. I’m not big on old-time actresses (I was never one to idolize Marilyn Monroe), but when one of the biggest icons of Hollywood dies, it’s a big deal. 
  • NJ (and other parts of the East Coast) had an earthquake. My television should never shake. Ever.
  • Eric Cantor is a giant douche. Just because.
  • #OccupyWallSt. One of the most important things to happen this year, ever. A perhaps undecided movement in its beginnings meant to bring attention to a whole slew of problems. Hey world, we have 99 problems but unity ain’t one.
  • Amy Winehouse dies. After losing power during the hottest night of the year, I wake up to see Facebook statuses mourning her loss.  
  • Japan earthquake, tsunami. Simply scary. 
  • Gabrielle Giffords. When we all forget about how easy it is to get guns, we see someone take advantage of this right in the worst way. Instead of fighting the Second Amendment, we should just make it impossible for people like her shooter not to get one.
  • Anthony Weiner shows his boxers. I’m still a big fan of the guy, stupid sex scandal and all.
  • Royalty got married. Perhaps the only reason for people my age to pay attention is because the future King of England is my age. My generation is officially old enough to make waves in the world. Perhaps this was the easiest way for many to realize that. 
  • One of this year’s Best Picture nominees was a movie about Facebook. Think about that for a second. 
  • The Young Turks make it to television. Pretty, pretty neat way to lead into Keith Olbermann. 

What a great year to bring public consciousness into the public consciousness. Pop culture still rules but reality is creeping back in. People are celebrating achievement, and not popularity. Talk about great potential for an increasingly important election year.