Letting time go

We are all in a sense a series of speed bumps, ups and downs, highs and lows, beginnings and ends. It seems that so many aspects of our lives are filled with periods of sorts- whether it be our education, careers, friendships and relationships. Everything in our lives is ultimately something that will end, one way or another. Rather than be burdened by what we eventually lose, we all keep on going, appreciating the fact that we get to enjoy these things at all. Some things we seem to hate losing, others we can’t wait to get rid of. As we reach the end of another year, many of us lamenting on how it seems like it takes us no time to get to so much of it gone past, I’m just happy I get to enjoy it.

A week from today is Thanksgiving, and I haven’t given it much thought because on one hand, it seemed so far away and on another, it might as well have been the next day. As you get older, the happenings in your life become more plentiful, taking away the luxury of looking forward to something. It’s hard to get life to slow down. We forget to enjoy what we have because we have no time to relax. Christmastime is upon us, stores reminding us with decorations, our families reminding us with plans, and ourselves because it all feels to soon. And when everything happens so fast, it’s a while before you get the chance to look back. Did you do everything right? Did you do what you wanted? Are you where you want to be?

At the same time we should be looking back (when we do get the chance), we shouldn’t feel nostalgic too much. That leads to regret, pain and repeating past mistakes. Or even worse, regrets dwell in your head and become exaggerated. Or you begin to think that someone who betrayed you badly isn’t all that bad. Or you grow a bit and come around and forgive them. Perhaps you’ve realized you’re past some things you can’t do much about now anyway, and rather than dwell you simply move on, knowing you’ve got a whole life to lead. Thankfully there’s a night of sleep to catch up on.

If I’m sounding a little too zen-like for your taste it’s because it’s a Thursday night, I’ve watched my television for the night and I’ve got Florence and the Machine in my head. It feels better to unwind and step back and not think about things than it is to stress out, which I’m very good at. Sometimes the best thing to be in life is distracted. It’s time to start Christmas shopping, plan ahead and just get going. It’s easy to put things into perspective when you realize your problems are minute compared to others. And thank God for that- I don’t need to think my problems are worse than they are, that’s for sure.

So if you’re down in the dumps over something, take heart: someone always has it worse. And the way time flies by these days, it certainly can’t last for long. For those most part, nothing is ever truly as bad as it seems. Remember that you could handle much worse and you probably have already. The rest is going to be smooth sailing, especially if you let yourself know you can handle it. And even when it seem truly bad, it won’t be for long. Take solace in the small things in life that make you happy, and look forward to the movement when you’ve truly moved on from what ails you now.





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