There’s never been a friendlier Wall Street. I’ve never been to a friendlier, more welcoming place of promoting progress, cohesion and prosperity. I’d never been to a protest. I will always be an advocate for free speech; I always supported the right to protest. I first heard about #OccupyWallSt a couple of weeks ago on Countdown With Keith Olbermann. Before the arrests started happening, I pretty much only heard about them on Countdown. And even after I only heard about them sporadingly on other channels. I had heard that the group was peaceful and increasingly growing, cops weren’t around to only arrest people and progressive ideas were flowing like crazy. I decided to go, and I’m glad I did. Every single person I spoke to encouraged me to encourage people to come. It is not a partisan, liberal “I hate the GOP fest”, it is more of a cry for the betterment of the common good. We’re all suffering in one way or another, and we shouldn’t be. Even if our only bother is wondering when all this depressing news about the economy will be over, we are all having to deal with this. And we can all do something.