Helllloooooo Parliament!

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Oh, to be in the U.K. today! To be in London! To be in the newspaper business there right now. Forget that- to be in MEDIA anywhere today. My eyes are fixed on Current TV , awaiting what is sure to be one hell of a showdown. For those who haven’t heard, there’s a whole mess of scandal going on. People’s privacy has been invaded, newspapers shut down, people arrested.  Media magnate Rupert Murdoch is at the head of a news story involving phone hacking, bribery and corruption. At least ten people have been arrested in connection to the scandal.  For anyone even remotely interested in journalism, this is a very big deal.

I’ve been following this from the very beginning a couple of weeks ago, especially since it was announced that the News of the World was to be shut down due to the scandal. I remembered being very shocked- the paper had been around for more than 150 years, after all- and knew that this was the very beginning. Hearing that a family had false hope about their missing daughter due to phone hacking is offensive. Truly.

Now, I know I’m a typical liberal who wants to see the guy who owns Fox News go down.  And you know what? I don’t know every single thing about the guy, yes. I’m not the most well-read, overzealous person. But I know this is a big deal, and I’m very interested in the case. To see someone who excels in corporate takeovers have to answer for his lack of control over the goings-on over his own company is excellent. Listening to this guy right now, apparently he barely knew anything of the phone hacking and bribery. Really? Come on. Is it not knowing or not caring. Who doesn’t love seeing the evil empire gets what it deserves, right?

I will be eagerly watching all of this as it unfolds. Political pundits, media insiders and the like start your engines. This is getting GOOD!



Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

In the past month or so, I’ve been to a couple of baseball games, saw gay marriage become an inevitability in neighboring New York state, changed up my writer’s website and made plans for moving to a bigger apartment. I also made it through a pretty big scare with my dog Molly (she’s back to warrior mode, don’t worry), had some good times with friends and thought about my future. Where do you go at 28, in the beginnings of what hopefully becomes a thriving career, while you’re waiting for the next big thing? You enjoy where you are, where you’ve been, and look forward for what’s to come.

My plans for the immediate future include more writing, working, moving, baseball and good times. Ready for the geek out? The final installment of the Harry Potter series comes out in theaters next Friday, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows- Part Two. It’s exciting to see good stories end, especially when you know you’re going to love the finish. There’s nothing cooler than fighting the good fight, saving the day and watching women get in the fight. Are you ready for fiesty? Check out the antics of Mrs. Weasly in this film. You never mess with anybody’s mama.

As I begin my move into a bigger space, I’m looking forward to a quieter workspace, one away from my living room. My writing’s suffered as of late, mostly because of the distractions of the summer. It’s easy to do what you have to; I’m just at a position where I have push myself to work more. Thank the heavens for writing buddies. As much as I want to have fun, I do need to work to have the means to pay for it, so it’s time to seriously buckle down.

Writing is the main part of buckling down- if I want to make this more of a business, I have to work on the business. I have to work on the product as well. It’s time to spread my writing wings, and show off what I got. As much as I love to talk about writing, it’s time to do it more. Talk about my own cliche. I do write alot, but it doesn’t feel like enough. And that has to be a great thing. Writing-induced sleepiness, anyone?