Things I Will Not Do On The Internet

Such a list seems important, any time, for any reason.


  • Follow Charlie Sheen on Twitter- it would be like I’m watching someone implode from the inside.
  • Play Second Life– Once I’d get started, I know I’d never stop.
  • Leave rude comments on people’s pictures, articles, etc- That’s something best left for the tragically immature.
  • Get involved in any fantasy sport- I’d be the worst, least interested, and most easily defeated.
  • Not check out every cute cat/kitten/dog/puppy video I come across- Sorry, can’t help it.
  • Ever be able to keep up with my Twitter feed- It’s hopeless- let’s face it: writers love them some Twitter.
  • Post a video on YouTube of myself singing.
  • Take a ton of self-potraits in one sitting and post them all on Facebook.

*With possibly more to be added later. Anyone else have anything they’d like to add?