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Let me say this first: I am a Mets fan. I know, I know. They’re not doing so good. I hear that alot. Anyway, my boyfriend is a lifelong Yankees fan. Perusing led me to see a Yankees game for sale that night with really cheap seats. And when I mean really cheap, I mean really, really cheap: prices started at a mere $2. Not a price you see often. So with that and the promise of a beautiful day outside (that is, if you ignored the mentioned chance of rain), we decided to go. We brought along a couple of friends, and got to watch a good game. Finally for me, it is time to enjoy the baseball season.

I have to admit that I haven’t paid so much to baseball this season so far. Every time I’ve turned on a Mets game, they’ve been losing badly. Going to a game has been a nice shot in the arm. Hopefully, in the next week or so I can make it out to Citifield. It’s time to show the Mets some love, with the hopes that they’ll start to win more than they lose. Here’s hoping! LET’S GO METS!!!


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