Happy May 20, May 21 eve

Pay attention to the news lately? Look up hot topics trending on Twitter and Google? Yes, apparently to many it’s the end of the world. At least so says Harold Camping, and so says his followers. As for me, I’m not convinced. it’s Friday night, May 20 at around 9:20 pm, and the world is probably not ending anywhere, or will it. Plenty of end of days assumptions have been made before without anything happening. Why would this one? Besides calculations being done wrong, there is also the whole God-wouldn’t-share-those-kinds-of-plans-with-anyone-let-alone-everyone (who read the Bible, at least) thing. I’m personally waiting for the television interviews with the die-hard believers to take the following morning, when they’re all either red in the face or vehemetly in denial.

And while many are spreading the word of the incoming rapture that will begin the end of the world tommorrow, I’m relaxing on my couch, getting some writing done. This all certainly makes a great watercooler conversation, and makes us think about something important. When faced with the idea of our own mortality, we all begin to think about what we’re doing with our lives. Are we satisfed? Are we nowhere where we want to be? What would we like to do?  I’m sure many of us come Sunday morning will go about with our lives unscathed, easily forgetting the bit of hysteria this caused. Talk about any Trivial Pursuit entry, another pop culture tidbit. After this is all over, there won’t be a lot of thinking about our mortality anymore. It’ll be as if all of this speculation (almost) didn’t happen. I call on you, reader, to allow yourself the opportunity to think about this more. Instead of thinking about the speculation and the hype, think about what you would do if you knew for sure this were the end. How do you go out? This is all a way to make us think about ourselves.

Here’s some things I’d like to accomplish, and should get around to doing:

  • Becoming more business-savvy
  • Paying off my debt
  • Having more fun
  • Spending more time with loved ones
  • Being more charitable
  • Being more daring

So, instead of just speculating on what others are doing, how embarassed others will be, and how much you’re not paying attention to it all, I suggest we all do what we want to do, and what we feel we need to do to enrich our lives, and others. Here’s to doing things more fulfilling, and not paying so much attention to all the trivial stuff…


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