My big scary sign of adulthood

Let’s face it: I’m about to turn 28. That’s ten years since high school, the year of my class reunion and two years until 30. If there’s been any obvious sign so far that I’m an adult it’s the fact that I can’t eat fast food anymore. Long an easy go-to for quick and cheap food, fast food has always been the thing I always knew I had to drop. Recently I made what I thought to be a safe decision and have chicken nuggets from Wendy’s. As it turns out, that decision was not so safe as the next morning I woke up to stomach-bug like systems that made me unable to get off my couch. I kept on thinking of that line in “The Devil Wears Prada”, when Emily Blunt’s character says “I’m one stomach flu away from my goal weight!”. I couldn’t eat anything for a couple of days and dealt with stomach bug symptoms for an entire week. It’s time to face facts: if I need to stay away from McDonald’s, Wendy’s and the like and make the whole-hearted turn to more healthier fare. I eat well at home, and for the most part have cut out fast food, as well as greasy and fried foods. Now I don’t think I can even do these bad-for-you foods once in a while, as recent events have shown.

Why is this “big and scary”? For me it means that there’s something I can’t eat. I’m a picky eater by nature. Heaven forbid it’s late at night, I’m starving and the only thing that’s open is McDonald’s. However, this doesn’t necessarily bode badly for me. It just means I’ll lean more towards real burgers rather than the processed beef you get at fast food places. And who doesn’t want something authentic, right? It also means there’s less of a chance my diet will land me in the doctor’s office. It also forces me to try different foods. It is time to expand my palette. That is never a bad thing.  I should also take the opportunity to learn how to cook different foods. So far, I am heavily dependent on my George Foreman grill, making a lot of grilled chicken. Eating a lot of it is good, but it’s only a start. It’s time to shake off my reservations about food and be brave. You only live once, right?


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