Happy Thanksgiving!

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

It is already time for the fourth Thursday in November, when everyone gets together and eats a great meal over hurried conversation. Many then go to sleep early, looking to wake up before sunrise to shop on Big Friday. As for me, I’m just looking forward to knowing I got some work done this week, and enjoying some time with people I haven’t seen in a while. It is a good time right now; I’ve been writing and writing, and planning out this freelance writing career. Christmas planning means my time-old tradition of making lists and looking at random websites for shopping inspiration. When it comes to what I’m thankful for, this year I think I can say I’m thankful for this year, which has become this year of new beginnings. I began the year living in a just moved into apartment, made a bunch of new friends, lost my job, gave myself a new one and began a new more decidedly different chapter in my life.  I don’t think I’ve yet realized how different things are for me than they were this time last year. And you know what? It is pretty damn good…


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