Cozy weekend/cuddling up with my stomach bug

Courtesy of Office.Microsoft.Com

Happy Friday, readers! Here I am comfortably cozying up to my couch watching old Saturday Night Live episodes while eating crackers and drinking Gatorade. It is November, and northern NJ is currently experiencing a nice bit of warmer weather before the winter cold comes in. Yes, this is exactly how I want to spend my nice, warm weekend: sick with a stomach bug/flu while it’s really nice out. I do get to enjoy the weather a bit, as I have two dogs to walk. And tonight is the season finale of Real Time with Bill Maher….boooo…..

At least I can say that I got my writing done for the week, right? It could always be worse; I could be quarantined to my bed, unable to move. I mostly feel it when I’m running around a bit. All my activity has to be very much subdued right now. This sounds odd, of course, because I write from home for a living. Where’s the crazy in that?  It is also now less than two weeks until Thanksgiving, a little over a month until Christmas, and I’m only just starting my Christmas shopping. Now’s the time to get a new gig to help me buy more Christmas presents. I, of course, more than welcome Black Friday. $3 appliances from Target? Hello.  Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of those sales?

As I’m setting up my freelance writing, business, I’m also starting to get involved with the marketing aspect of things, singing up for groups on I’m looking to network, handing out my business card like a madwoman. Being that I spend too much time holed up in my apartment, it’s time to start leaving the house. Here’s to having a more active professional social life…


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