Yay for time with the girls

It’s always nice to spend time with your friends’ kids, especially when you don’t have your own. You get to be the cool uncle or aunt without all the responsibility, and you get to entertain the idea of having your own kids by experiencing them firsthand. That’s all I could usually take in my entertaining, though- the actual time with someone else’s kids. I love children, don’t get me wrong. I just haven’t felt ready to have my own just yet. I’ve always loved the idea that I could borrow someone else’s and have time with them. That always cures me out of wanting my own.

I’m 27 now, inching my way closer to my thirties. I look forward to having my own kids, having a stable house of writing, animals and children. It will be hectic, and it will be great. Right now, however, I will just settle on the animals. Not that that’s a bad thing…


Happy Saturday!

It is 2:30 in the afternoon, and I just don’t feel like working. I think Saturday is the one day of the week I always take off; I just never seem to get any real writing done. I’m setting myself up for the week, outlining assignments, and trying to make work get done faster.  I’m also looking into changing up my apartment, with new posters and whatnot. Maybe get a “Rally To Restore Sanity” poster. I keep on going on Craigslist looking some cool freebies, but nothing yet.

On my never ending To Do List:

Write a whole slew of articles in the next week

Go grocery shopping (Trader Joes!)

Make final plans on attending Stewart/Colbert rallies

Start making apartment look awesome

…maybe in this order, maybe not. Meh. Happy Columbus Day on Monday!

New phone, new toy


* Pic of my dogs Rosie & Molly

Got myself the HTC EVO from Sprint in the mail yesterday. Needed a new phone badly, as my last one was starting to slow down enough I was afraid to see what would happen if I shut it off. I can now blog from anywhere, and hopefully I’ll get to document some pretty neat stuff First, however, there’s apps to discover…

My own personal blog, learning WordPress

My name is Heather Chadwick. I’m a 27-year-old freelance writer from NJ. I write alot, but lately none of it has been self-indulgent. As a writer, I need to flex my creative muscles, and need to write for myself as well as for my business. This Saturday morning is nothing but quiet, making it a perfect time to try this out. I’d heard so much about WordPress, and many clients prefer writers who have a working knowledge of it, so here I go.